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Ethanol Extraction Equipment

For the essential oil and processing industries 

Solvent extraction is a process of diffusion of solvent into oil-bearing cells of the raw material resulting in a solution of oil in the solvent. Various solvents can be used for extraction. After extensive research and testing as well as consideration of various factors such as physical properties of the solvent and desired product, Ethanol has proven the best for achieving the fullest extraction of available compounds in the material. 


When efficiency is top priority EI equipment stands alone in performance.

Essential Innovations patented processes and equipment have been tested, used and refined over years of operation and field evaluations with our clients in the processing industry. We design not only for extraction but for efficiency throughout the process from post extraction solvent dehydration and purification to oil collection and recovery of residual solvent from biomass for safe disposal 

> Ease of expandability and growth.
> Trouble free, low maintenance designs.
> Versality of operation.
> Operator friendliness.
> Lowest facility impact.
> Highest efficiency.
> Lowest solvent consumption and highest recovery.

>  Low pressure ( below 15 psi ) operations.
>  Ultra high purity – removes heavy metals and sub-micron particulates including mold.
>  Flexible modular designs
>  Full saturation with continual solvent flow and rinse
>  Sub-zero extraction temperatures
>  Complete solvent recovery from tailings
>  C1D1 and GMP compliant
>  NSF certified 

>  In process ethanol dehydration (water removal) and purification.
>  Third party safety certifications.

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